Walking with Grandma


After my grandmother died in 1989, I dreamed I met her in heaven. She wanted to take me to a special place and reveal something important to me there. I asked, “Where are we going grandma?” Before she could answer, we were at a place with thousands of guests seated at what seemed like tables, which were all in endless rows, it was like a banquet. These rows faced a distant light which got brighter the closer we moved towards it, I knew the light was Jesus. As we walked by rows of people, who grandma seemed to know but I didn’t, suddenly grandma stopped and took a seat. I was disappointed that we stopped because I could not see the light clearly and I wanted to get closer. I asked grandma why we had stopped. She said, “Scott this is as far as I can go but you can go further, what you do on the earth matters.”

 “Then the angel said to me, “Write: ‘Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb!”  Rev 19:9a

One Response to “Walking with Grandma”

  1. Jared Crum Says:

    Scott I remember you telling me this story about a month or two after you had found out that you had ALS. It literraly hit me hard in my heart. To this day, it is the most told story that I share with people that are lost without Christ or are not trying to walk with him daily. I love you brother and thank you for one of the most significant stories/life changing moments of my life and now many others too.