Healing Dreams by Others


Many people that know me, either casually or personally, would tell me of dreams they had of me being healed. The following are just two of many told to me. Diane’s dream, “I took a nap today 00000016.JPGand had a dream of Scott being healed.  It was like I was watching television and this transparent yet visible movement swirled around his sitting body and next he was filling in – his flesh renewed.  Then he was walking – had jeans and a white shirt on and looked free from illness.  I didn’t notice if he could move his arms purposely, but I knew he could eat normal food and chew again.  It was kind of strange in that the scene went from looking like I was watching TV to being in the same place he was in.  He was walking and I had to be very near him, and he turned around and just looked absolutely healed.  No words were exchanged, or anything.” Terry’s dream, “That night I saw a supernatural bright light filling a room with 12 men [whom I thought were the disciples] standing around a bed with Scott in it. In the midst of the 12 was Jesus who said with compassionate authority, ‘Rise and be healed’ Scott rose from the bed completely healed.”

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