Horns of the Altar


Around 4 a.m.I woke up; as I was awake God gave me a vision of the heavenly altar where I was holding the horns of a heavenly altar. I pondered the meaning but soon fell back asleep. The next day, I typed “what do the horns on the altar mean?” on a google search engine. I was not satisfied with what I found, but at 5:00p. m. Glennis got the mail and read a card that we received from Nancy addressed to me. She was doing a study on the altar and wanted to share  verse Psalm 118:27b with both of us. It reads, “bind the sacrifice with cords, even to the horns of the altar.” She wrote that the horns represented Christ’s strength, power and authority and when the sacrifice is bound at that specific place that is the point of contact where miracles occur. We must be aligned and spiritually inclined to receive His flow of life! I took this meaning to heart and also found Spurgeons Treasury of David commentary on the verse to be very insightful.

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