Angel’s Singing and Healing Presence


Last night I had the most vivid dream or vision of being physically healed to date. It began with me sliding down a snow capped mountain (the same one I have seen in other dreams) As I was sliding downward, I reached a bump which catapulted me into the air where I began to fly with ease. I landed in a place that looked similar to my bedroom where I realized I was dreaming. I started to think that I was now awake and my arms felt lighter, so I began to raise them. As I lifted my arms I could hear angels sing. It was a glorious sound I had never heard before. These voices were in perfect harmony giving praises and glory to God. I too began to praise God and thank Him with a loud voice and outstretched arms. Suddenly there were many people in the room that wanted to tell the world of my miracle. These people soon left the room and again I thought I was fully awake and examined my arms and hands to determine that I was not dreaming and woke myself up. 

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