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IMG_0031I have few words but save them for you my beloved! I remember telling you, “I would not be alive if not for you!” without hesitation you said it was God not you. Another time I said I cannot go on but you gave me Gods promise and told me Gods not done with us, we are a team! That has always been you, Giving God glory and never giving up. We are a team, faith and fight! I marvel at how selfless and giving you are. No matter the challenges you face whether it’s our kids, finances, needs of others or health you always find a way to pour yourself out and help someone else! You never seek recognition or honor but continually lay your life down and serve others. How blessed and undeserving I am to be called “your husband”. Not only on this earth but in the ages to come I hope I would be granted the privilege of washing your feet! I LOVE YOU! YOUR LOVING HUSBAND scott. 1/20/2011

A Future and A Hope

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ARIZONA'10-croppedEarlier this year, while on our trip to Arizona, we observed the 1st Anniversary of my husband’s tracheotomy surgery April 1st, 2009. How awesome to celebrate this milestone under a Big Tent Revival Meeting in the Phoenix area. Our pilgrimage to Arizona seemed to be spiritually symbolic as if adding another stone to a pillar of promise given Scott in 1998. God significantly impressed upon him to reach people in the Phoenix area. Over the years, we both have wrestled with God to understand the full meaning of this discourse during his personal, divine encounter. By faith, Scott received a promise for his future, which has always kept him believing for healing and personal ministry in the face of his terminal diagnosis of Lou Gehrig’s disease (in 1997). Scott’s tenaciously lays hold to the initiation of faith he received from his Savior.

I am reminded of a great patriarch in Scripture, Jacob, who wrestled all night with God for a blessing; and was forever changed by his encounter. It was at that place and time that Jacob’s name was changed to “Israel”. From then on Jacob always walked with a limp; continually keeping him mindful of his experience at the place he named Peniel (literally, ‘Face of God’). Jacob later became the father to the 12 tribes of the nation of Israel.

In our own lives, we can also recognize some struggles in our circumstances might reveal our struggle with God. Instead of wrestling with God, we can receive His blessing and find our Father in the place of intimate relationship. He will impart His grace and equipping when we surrender and trust Him. His Spirit is the One who changes and prepares us to our meet challenges in the face of conflict. Glory to God!

 “So Jacob called the name of the place Peniel: “For I have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved ” Gen 32:30 (NKJV).

Thank God all our words are not Heard!

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On one hand I can get extremely frustrated because my voice is very difficult to understand. Unless I have enough energy and I’m in a super quiet environment then is there the potential for me to be intelligible, even if I do only speak one syllable words at a time.

On the other hand some pretty hurtful, boastful, arrogant thoughts don’t have a destructive effect because either my voice gets lost in the noise of the room or the translation of my speech gets messed up. Most times I just can’t speak plain fast enough to enter the conversation. I often praise God that he saved me from myself and from my own words that didn’t get the opportunity to be heard!

“Do not be quick with your mouth, do not be hasty in your heart to utter anything before God.

God is in heaven and you are on earth, so let your words be few” Ecclesiastes 5:2


Kylee’s Graduation

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Grad Scott,Kylee+Glennis6-2010

Last month June 12 (2010) I attended my daughter, Kylee’s High School graduation. Kylee is the youngest of our four children (our baby); she is a very patient, undemanding girl who has a very tender heart. Glennis and I are so very proud of her and the young lady she has become. Kylee will be continuing her education at Highline Community College where she was awarded a volleyball scholarship. This summer, she will be traveling for two weeks with her team to the  National Volleyball Training Center in Brazil. We are really excited for the new adventures before Kylee and for God’s direction in her future.

Hope against Hope
At the time of my diagnosis of Lou Gehrig’s disease in 1997, Kylee was only six years old. I was given the 2-5 year death sentence with no possibility of recovery. Our oldest, Justin, had just turned 15yrs and was to graduate in 2001. We grieved over what the medical professionals had told us. There was little hope that I would see Justin graduate from High School.

I have always believed that God could heal me and that is exactly what I told the Neurologist who insisted that I needed to get my “affairs in order”. We realized that he was doing the hard part of his job; delivering a terminal diagnosis and having to make SURE that the family knows how serious it is. The information was sterile, cold, unwanted and heartbreaking. There was no comfort, no avenues for treatment, no ray of hope offered.

Praise the Lord; I attended Justin’s graduation 4 yrs later in 2001, followed by our other two daughters. Jessica graduated High School in 2003 (and college 2007) and Ashley graduated High School in 2005 (and college in 2009). Now, with Kylee’s graduation this year, I feel as though I have graduated from the regret I felt thinking that I possibly would not be at these big occasions for my kids. God has worked beyond what we could ask, think or imagine was possible given the gravity of my health challenges. Although our faith had been shaken, we have always had hope in the One who loves us.

God is a great and greatly to be praised! He strengthens the weak and encourages the downcast. Through His word God asked us to believe that ALL things are possible with Him (Mark 10:27).

There have been other milestones; the recent larger occasions have been to walk my oldest daughter down the aisle and to be involved in her wedding (2007), to rejoice in the arrival of our first grandchild (2008), to celebrate with my wife our Silver Anniversary (2009). Each Birthday, Anniversary, Thanksgiving and Christmas I am so grateful that we get to enjoy them together. Everyday is a gift; I am thankful that God has extended my years to cover my family in prayer and decision making. I love God and receive great joy reading His Word and encouraging others. I have been given much and am so thankful God still uses me for His service in the land of the living!

A Puritan’s Prayer

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scott-glennis-nhome-closeup4“Lord, thou dost show thy power by my frailty, so that the more feeble I am, the more fit to be used, for thou dost pitch a tent of grace in my weakness. Help me to rejoice in my infirmities and give thee praise, to acknowledge my deficiencies before others and not be discouraged by them, that they may see thy glory more clearly.”[1]

[1] From The Valley of Vision,  a collection of Puritan Prayers and Devotions. Banner of Truth Trust, 1975

Faith Obedience to Phoenix

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Mom, Ash, Ky ARIZONA'10In early January of this year, God compelled me to go and take a trip of faith to Arizona. A simple word “go” was all I heard; Oh what difficulty that one word would require of me to obey, My spirit was willing but my flesh is weak! There was much opposition to stop me from fulfilling the command that I heard very clearly in my spirit! At two different times in March, I had taken blood tests that indicated I had a low blood Hematocrit (red blood cell count). This situation had been causing me to be extremely fatigued. One week before our long road trip, I was at the hospital for X ray & Ultrasound exams for the severe pain and discomfort that I had been experiencing since the middle of February. We were happy to know that my organs were not the concern but I was suffering from a bleeding ulcer. How in the world could my body manage the call of God to visit Arizona the next week?? I could not do it! God would have to do it through me!

Inside crowded VanI tell my wife, “Lets go; Jesus is going to Arizona and he is taking this broken down body with him.” Glennis (after a confirming word in her spirit) says “yes, we will go by God’s Grace”! My wife is tireless and selfless with a fighting, determined Spirit of God within her. The others on this adventure were our kids; Justin, Jessica, Ashley and Kylee, son-in-law; Jerry, granddaughter; Korbyn, nephew; Austin and also our dear friends; Bob Nicholls and Terry & Susan Keller. All of these precious ones were used by God to either add or to make this faith mission possible. If they had not also heard God say to them to “go”; I would still be in my bedroom just dreaming about the trip to Arizona. By faith obedience we embarked on our venture March 26th.

Our first night in town, our family had been invited for dinner at my Aunt Yvonne and Uncle Bill’s house in Jess in Tree ARIZONA'10Sun City. Other relatives there were Aunt Pam and cousin’s, Bob and Jody. We had an enjoyable time catching up with one another since it had been several years. We appreciated their generosity for having all of us over for the evening. Although I personally could not eat food; I did enjoy the fellowship and was also looking forward to tasting spiritual food at the tent meetings.

May God bless evangelists Ken Dewey and his wife, Celeste, who shared my burden to reach souls in the Phoenix area Scott, Glen Just + KoKO ARIZONA'10and who inspired me, despite my health condition, to step out in faith obedience. They trusted God to hold a Tent Revival Meeting that would be sponsored by other churches to share the Gospel message. The Dewey’s left their home in Albuquerque, New Mexico and arrived in the Phoenix Metro Area March 18th. Despite learning that the road to tent meetings is long and difficult within the city limits (because of rules and regulations, permits and expense) the Lord opened a door in Maricopa County just outside of Mesa City limits for the Church; New Life Worship Center to host the Tent Meetings. Pastor W. Graves welcomed the opportunity and was available to co-labor with Ken & Celeste Dewey. The Pastor and his congregation willingly permitted the tent to be set up on their property the following weekend; they also provided support of their worship team and other members. The Tent meetings began Monday, March 29th with a night of prayer and concluded Friday, April 2nd. Ken did the majority of preaching and led souls to Christ. Glennis and others shared inspiring thoughts. I was filled with tears and only spoke a few words during the tent meetings because of the difficulty of my speech. “Come forward now!” “There’s more” and “The time is short” (I was compelled by God’s Spirit to urge people to come forward joining me in a surrendered life to Christ).

On Thursday afternoon, April 1st, we visited the Teen Challenge Men’s Center in Phoenix. Our friend, Susan Keller, through her previous contacts, was able to arrange a tour and introduction led by counselor, Scott Mosely, to the facility and Mission of the Center. Scott, a former student of Teen Challenge, is now a counselor for the Center. Teen Challenge operates Nation-wide with a Mission Statement to “To provide youth, adults and families with an effective and comprehensive Christian faith-based solution to life-controlling drug and alcohol problems in order to become productive members of society. By applying biblical principles, Teen Challenge endeavors to help people become mentally-sound, emotionally-balanced, socially-adjusted, physically-well, and spiritually-alive”. We support and commend the work of this life transforming Ministry!

On April 2nd, we traveled to Flagstaff (2 hours north) to visit Pastor Daniel Williamson, the boys at Teen Challenge’s New Horizon Christian Academy and also to attend The Lamb of God Church on Easter Sunday. Most P.Dan, Jer, Just + Austin ARIZONA'10 130of the hotels in Flagstaff could not accommodate our large group because they were already booked for the Easter weekend. Through our son-in-law, Jerry, we were able to make affordable arrangements for rooms at a four story nine bedroom Victorian Conference and Retreat Center (launched recently to the public to rent rooms and/or apartments in the adjoining cottages and Carriage house).  The kind owner, Wade, graciously permitted us to stay on the entire lower level with 5 beautifully furnished bedrooms (5+ bathrooms!). Wow! Glennis felt especially pampered; hours earlier we had no place to stay, and then out of no-where we find ourselves welcomed guests in this extravagant residence. Thank God for His unexpected, unmerited blessings! Once again we unpacked our luggage, medical equipment and supplies and settled in to our room. That evening, Glennis wanted me to see more of the house. There was accessibility to the second, main floor, so I would be able to go upstairs and explore the large, open “Great Room’ (with a Fireplace and Grand Piano). This living room had Office and Conference areas that branched off of it, in addition to the Commercial Kitchen, Dining Area and a Breakfast Nook with a beautiful view of Humphreys Peak, the highest point in Arizona (elevation of 12,637 ft) within the mountain range known as the San Francisco Peaks and also a view of the Community Park next door. 

After we had gotten familiar with second floor; we sat in nice, oversized armchairs. Wade came to join us to become better acquainted. He was very congenial, a well educated professional and a deep thinker. After spending a little more time visiting; Wade began to open up to us. He had been searching for answers that religious thought, philosophy, education, money and this world’s wisdom could not satisfy. He seemed empty and desperate for hope and answers for future direction and decision making. We recognized that he needed to come face to face with the Truth of The Person of Jesus Christ. He was called to have a living relationship with Christ who fills the void for significant purpose and meaning of life. Glennis and I were privileged to lead Wade to make an eternal decision to accept Jesus as his personal Savior. Hallelujah! We gave him a DVD copy of our interview recorded with Natalie Nichols from; “The Scott Brodie Story”. He suggested we view it together the next night.

Wade opened his home for us to have the Director (Pastor Daniel), Staff: Shannon and Neil along the boys from New Horizons Christian Academy (Teen Challenge). Also Sabine, Senia, Richard, Barak, and Andra joined us that Saturday evening. There were 26 of us altogether that gathered to view the 32 minute testimonial DVD followed by a time of sharing. Our thanks to Wade for his hospitality and openness to provide this opportunity of eternal value. We are also grateful for the life transforming work of the leadership at New Horizon’s. Saturday night became a time of weeping, rejoicing, foot washing and sweet fellowship that centered on the Love of God. Glennis spoke a message on Galations 2:20, how a believer’s life can be walked out by faith in Christ who loves us, guides and strengthens us because He lives within our hearts. She went to each of the boys and prayed with them individually. I shared a word on Revelations 12:11 & John 16:33 about overcoming through Christ. Many of the young teens we met had come from difficult family situations and had begun to make decisions that were leading them down a path of destruction. We want to keep in mind and in our prayers, the lives of Dustin, Micah, Shane, Christian, Brandon, James and both ‘Zachs’.

During the 3 day drive (3600mi roundtrip) to return home to in Puyallup, Washington from our recent road trip to Phoenix & Flagstaff, Arizona (3/26-4/6); God spoke into my spirit “To obey is better than sacrifice” (the passage described below).

“Samuel said, Has the Lord as great a delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as in obeying the voice of the Lord? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams” (1Sam 15:22).

Saul was told by the prophet of God, Samuel “Now go and smite Amalek and utterly destroy all they have; do not spare them” but Saul and the people spared Agag and the best of the sheep, oxen, fatlings, lambs, and all that was good, and would not utterly destroy them. Instead of obeying God’s Word, Saul spared the best of the animals so he could make a sacrifice to God. Saul desired human approval for conquering the Amalekites; he wanted to be recognized for his efforts. In front of all of the people of Israel, Saul made a sacrifice the way he wanted to, not as God had instructed. The Sacrificial System had been instituted by God to Moses, so why wouldn’t this offering be good enough? Simply because God had not told him to sacrifice but to destroy everything! God was not pleased that Saul made a religious sacrifice rather than obeying His voice and command.

The best sacrificial offering we can bring to God is our broken and contrite heart (Ps 51:16-17). When we humbly approach His Throne, we can have full assurance of faith, from our acceptance of Christ, that God hears us. In our own efforts, we could make a thousand sacrifices to God; drive/fly thousands of miles for God’s service; or give thousands of dollars to His work. All of those sacrifices would mean nothing to God if there was not a surrendered heart that would simply trust Him by obeying his Word in faith.

 “But the just shall live by his faith”   ~  Habakkuk 2:4

From Puyallup to Phoenix

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Our son, Justin, recently made a comment to me after reading several posts on my website. He said, “I see a lot of blogs talking about your vision for Phoenix, Arizona to reach souls for Christ but not much progress”.  I agreed and determined to post an update about my vision to be in Phoenix.  Justin has overseen our family business for the last several years. By God’s grace he has done an amazing job of operating, managing and expanding (to Arizona) our small family business. His selfless and sacrificial dedication along with his tireless work ethic contributes greatly to our family. I am blessed beyond measure with incredible children that know Jesus!

Here it is March, 2010, twelve years from my visitation with Jesus in Arizona. By God’s loving grace I am planning to make an 1800 mile road trip to Phoenix Arizona with my whole family, tomorrow!  Just last year at this time, I underwent my trachestomy surgery and was gasping for every breath I took. Taking a trip outside of my bedroom became enough of a challenge for me. How could I even imagine going to Phoenix?? But God works in the supernatural and is outside of  time as we know it. I told my wife “I throw myself at  Jesus’ feet”  “I cannot do anything without Him!” I am too weak and frail that only God’s strength can get me to Arizona. Jesus IS my Sustainer; Amen! He is the only way for me to get anywhere. Since my vision/visitation in 1998, I have been to Phoenix two times, once in 2001 where I ministered Christ in a Bible Study to a small group of believers and again in 2007 where I attended two churches and was prayed over for healing.

God has opened a door in the Phoenix Metro Area for Tent revival meetings March 28- April 3rd on the corner of Crimson road and Akron Street in east Mesa, Arizona. Evangelist, Ken Dewey, has been directed by God to host these meetings for all to come including the hurting and those desperate for Jesus! Brother Ken has said to me, “I am very glad your family is excited about the meeting.  I know that this meeting will be a GREAT EVENT FOR GOD AND MANY PEOPLE.  It certainly will be one we will never forget nor stop talking about. Many WILL BE SAVED AND TOUCHED.  I guess you know Scott; WE ARE IN THE END TIME HARVEST……  SO GET READY THERE IS NO TELLING WHAT GOD WILL DO!  HE HAS BEEN KNOWN FOR HIS MIRACLES!”

Praise you Lord!! Nothing is impossible with our God who desires to use us for His eternal purposes. “My prayer is not that you take them out of the world but that you protect them from the evil one. They are not of the world, even as I am not of it. Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth.  As you sent me into the world, I have sent them into the world” (Jn17:15-18).

Glennis and I are excited not only for the Tent Meetings but also to visit Teen Challenge in Phoenix Phoenix Men’s Center  and  New Horizon Christian Academy ( in Flagstaff, AZ with our family and friends.

Please pray for us and for God to be Glorified mightily!




Be A Testimony For Christ!

Posted by Scott-Glennis on Monday, November 23, 2009

“Go and tell John the things which you hear and see: The blind see and the lame walk; the lepers are cleansed and the deaf hear; the dead are raised up and the poor have the gospel preached to them And blessed is he who is not offended because of Me”(Matt 11:4-6). What wonderful good news Jesus gave to the disciples of John the Baptist! The gospel was being preached and physical miracles were taking place. The prophecies in Isaiah were being fulfilled that only the coming Messiah could complete. Why then would John lose faith in Christ and tell his disciples to find Jesus and ask Him, “are you the one or should we look for another (Mt 11:3)?”

Perhaps it was because John was in prison and King Herod was about ready to have him beheaded! John’s physical reality caused him to question what he professed to believe. What about his deliverance? What about his miracle? John had prepared the way for the Messiah  to set up HIS Kingdom (Is 40:3). His life’s calling and purpose was in doubt. John’s idea of a reigning Messiah did not tolerate this kind of injustice. Doubt and unbelief silently crept into his dark prison cell. The devil, like a roaring lion was encircling John the Baptist; ready to kill him and his witness of Jesus Christ. If the devil could get John to have disbelief and regret for proclaiming Jesus, then John’s claims of the Messiah would be lacking creditability. In fact, all of John’s life and dedication to God would be called into question. In His response to the inquiry made by John’s disciples, Jesus, lovingly told them to convey to John not to be offended by Him (Greek scandalizo-to trip up, trapped, ensnared). John was not to lose faith or be ensnared by the devil because of the trial he was in.

I have often wondered what happened to all the people after they were healed by Jesus (Mt 11:4-6) . Would they have been offended because physical healing did not fulfill all their expectations? Would they have lost their testimony because of persecution? Many probably wanted a healing so they could return to their old lifestyle. Others genuinely were converted to become living testimonies to God’s saving and healing power. Others may have been persecuted and forced to distant lands, thrown in prison or martyred for their faith in Christ. Some of us are also going through or may soon enter into trials that test our faith. The devil wants to steal our testimony and destroy our life by wearing us down.Then they will deliver you up to tribulation and kill you, and you will be hated by all nations for My name’s sake. And then many will be offended, will betray one another, and will hate one another” (Mt 24:9, 10). Be of good cheer, Christ has overcome the world! The trial of your faith is more precious than gold and our suffering is never wasted. God bottles every tear. You are so precious in His sight and He is not slack concerning His promises.

I continue to believe God for healing despite the many setbacks and losses I have faced. I get impatient at times and wonder why I still believe the dream/visitation I had one night In March 1998, while visiting Arizona. Jesus was loving and so personal throughout my encounter with Him that particular night; He put Scott w-Sedona PicHis hope and faith in me for healing. Although visibly and otherwise, it would appear impossible to fulfill the quest given to me; I cannot ignore, justify or reason it away. I just cannot shake it! I think of it daily; it has kept me alive. It is through patiently enduring  that we inherit the promises (Heb 6:12-15). God is working patience in my soul and wants me to depend on Him to fulfill what He has started (Rom 4:20,21). GLORY be to GOD!! Although I may get impatient and falter because my prayers have not been answered in the way and within the time I wanted them; I have set my heart not to be offended in Christ. I don’t want to let the enemy project to my mind that God does not have my best interest for HIS GLORY as the over ruling determiner. Only He really knows the works of believing I am to do for Him (Jn 6:29) . We overcome the devil “by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony, not loving our lives to the death” (Rev 12:11). Fellow believer, we are to rejoice and trust Him during the trying of our faith.

The enemy of our soul wants to trip us up, causing us to lose faith in our loving Father and to think that there is no way out and we are stuck in a hopeless situation. As we pray for understanding and bring our petitions to the Father; stand on the promises in the Word of God. The Holy Spirit will give you grace and enlarge your capacity to withstand testing. Hold onto the promises and direction God ministers to you in particular. The promise for your future is an anchor for your soul and gives you steadfastness to endure. What has God ministered to you personally? His thoughts toward you are good and not of evil to give you an expected end; seek His face and cling to the promises He imparts to you.

Knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing” (Jm 1:3, 4)

 Scott Brodie Praises w/daughters July 25 2010


Weldegaber Family

Posted by glennis on Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thomas, Semhar, Kelati,  Iyda, Azieb with grandaughter, Lily

Thomas, Semhar, Kelati, Iyda, Azieb with grandaughter, Lily

Our hearts are with Kelati Weldegaber who lost his wife, Azieb, to ALS  earlier in August of this year. We met Kelati while we were looking for a mobility vehicle. He and his younger daughter, Semhar, drove their van to our house in late August for us to see. When Scott and I came outside to view the vehicle, we were instantly struck by Kelati’s generous smile and kind disposition. His countenance seemed to radiate a supernatural joy. There was an immediate connection between us that is uncommon to total strangers. Semhar, had a quiet attentiveness that seemed beyond her 22 years. We test drove and learned more about the purchase of their vehicle but we were more taken with our new found friends. We invited them into our house, as we visited for the next few hours we learned more about the journey they had unexpectantly traveled this year.

Kelati and Azieb were originally from Eritrea (North Africa) a tiny country between Sudan and Ethiopia. The couple had just been delivered the diagnosis of ALS earlier this year, only 5-6 months before her passing. During these months, several things were important for her to do. Of these things they had traveled to Spain to see their son, Thomas, play basketball and had gone to Los Angeles to be in their older daughter, Iyda’s wedding. Azieb died days after the joyous wedding celebration.

As we sat in our living room visiting, Scott and I witnessed the comfort of the Holy Spirit and a settled assurance in God that rested on both Kelati and Semhar although they had many unanswered questions. The group of us were faced with the stark difference of the abrupt loss of a very much loved wife, mother, grandmother and friend and the slower progression of Scott’s 13 year sojourn into his ALS diagnosis.  Our common bond of fellowship, however, was not in the destruction and devastation of this disease but rather in the sufficiency of Christ. God had been meeting the needs of each of us and we were trusting Him to continue to do so. There was no awkward comparisons but an agreement of heart knowing that our loving Father has a reason and a divine purpose. One day we will each understand, when all things are revealed and God makes known His eternal plan.

A Hug of Reassurance

Posted by Scott-Glennis on Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Have you ever come to the place where you set your heart to seek God? You say “I want to go deeper and further in the Lord” “I don’t want to be lukewarm anymore” God begins to answer your prayers and move in your life. Suddenly in the midst of it you find yourself spiritually dry in a wilderness or desert place. Your thoughts are full of more questions “Why am I here?”, “Does anyone really care?” “Is God displeased with me?” “Is my life used by God to be a blessing to anyone to make a difference?”

These types of questions usually come when we feel alone in the wilderness. The things we had hoped for or expected seem empty. We begin to evaluate our lives and ask how we have failed God. I have also been contending with some of these nagging questions “Where is God in this time of trouble?”  My body and mind have been fatigued from repeated emergency room trips, hospital/nursing home stays, supportive equipment, supplies, medications, appointments, therapies and procedures. Notwithstanding the persistent humiliation of a life of dependence with an inability to give back. My mind continually fights a barrage of accusations urging me to give in. To quit trying to survive this recluse life, tube fed on formula with rounds of lung infections that compromise my ability to breathe. My physical body alone is seemingly powerless to survive several near death experiences. Truly, it has been the spirit that has sustained me on my bed of affliction.

“The spirit of a man will sustain him in sickness, but who can bear a broken spirit?” Proverbs 18:14

A voice came to me during these days of weakness and suggested to me, “if you want to go to heaven, you can go there now!” This sounded good to me. I could finally find rest from all the struggles of life.  I reasoned that God’s promise to me of healing must have been a spiritual promise only to be fulfilled in heaven and not on earth. I was so captivated with an escape to heaven that I told my wife I would be going very soon. She discerned the deceiving spirit immediately and asked me a question, “did God tell you something different about your promise?” I mused on that question for a moment trying to recollect why I had come to this conclusion. Had God really given me consoling grace and dying mercies? Had the Holy Spirit spoke anything different into my soul than what I have clung to for more than 13 years? With decisive revelation, I replied to my wife, “NO!” God had not changed his mind! I had been lied to by the enemy who had worn me down (Dan 7:25 KJV).

One night not too long ago, as my wife was getting me ready for bed, I was tired of the daily battle of my will in this weakened state. I broke down weeping and said to her “I just want God to hug me”. I had become so overwhelmed by the inability to communicate my struggles with anyone having walked this path in faith. I knew only God in His Word could help. I knew I hadn’t been forsaken by God and He would still fulfill His promises to me, but I needed a hug of reassurance! Despite years of service to the Lord, many church services and conferences, momentous times of faith, theology and scripture I thought I understood, devotions and prayers; even the scriptures that I confessed were not reaching me at this time. It was as if it were all a distant tale and wishful thinking. With my plea and need for the comfort of God, my wife with her eyes brimming with tears, bent over as I sat on the side of the bed, wrapped her arms around my frail body and gave me a big, confirming hug. As she withdrew she tenderly and confidently said “That was from God”. My Father had kept her with me throughout all these years and He used her again to express His loving care.

God wants us all to know and be assured that His everlasting love will never leave us; we are the object of His love. The confidence of love is where we must begin to face any trial placing our trust on the rock of our salvation, Jesus. He has paid the penalty for sin, we can come to His throne of grace to find help in the time of need (Heb 4:16)….Oh yes, we have many needs! “Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers him out of them all” (Ps 34:19). Through His faith impartation, we can rise above our trial and be at rest in the midst of our storm. He will give us His grace and mercy to overcome. God will strengthen us for the battles we are in, showing us the way to victory. As we cry out to Him we magnify His Name above any situation. David said in Psalm 40:16 Let all those who seek You rejoice and be glad in You; Let such as love Your salvation say continually, The LORD be magnified!” Each time we depend on our Savior to help us; we exalt His Lordship in the earth. Paul said in Philippians 1:20 “according to my earnest expectation and hope that in nothing I shall be ashamed, but with all boldness, as always, so now also Christ will be magnified in my body, whether by life or by death”.

The wilderness experience is an impossible place for our fleshly nature because this is where we must die to the way of natural thinking. Only our spirit man can survive in such a harsh desert place being tested and humbled by the devil. God loves us unconditionally and uses the wilderness to strengthen and perfect us, causing us to depend on Him. Desert places are dry paths that lead us to new revelations and victory in Christ. These dry paths lead us through the Jordan River into the Promised Land. Jesus, our example, was led by the Holy Spirit into the wilderness to be tested by the devil (Luke 4:1-2). When he returned, he revealed Himself  full of the power of the Holy Spirit (vs.14).

“The poor and needy are seeking water when there is none; their tongues are parched with thirst. I the Lord will answer them; I, the God of Israel, will not forsake them. I will open rivers on the bare heights, and fountains in the midst of the valleys; I will make the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water. I will plant in the wilderness the cedar, the acacia, the myrtle, and the wild olive; I will set the cypress in the desert, the plane [tree] and the pine [tree] together, that men may see and know and consider and understand together that the hand of the Lord has done this, that the Holy One of Israel has created it.” Is 41:17-20 NKJV