Slaying Giants

Posted by scott on Wednesday, February 23, 2005

For 8 years I have had an aversion to neurologists and have avoided them as much as possible, dreading to see them. I was labeled with A.L.S in Nov.1997 and given no hope of living past 5 years. I told the first neurologist that God could heal me, he mocked my statement and told me that I could believe whatever I wanted.  For the next several years I saw another 7 neurologists all confirming the original diagnosis and offering me no hope, “there is nothing I could do”, to “quit living in denial”. In 2000, one leading neurologist informed me that people that believe like I do about nerve regeneration live in “fantasy land”, that motor neurons are dead and nerves will never have regrowth and that I would never be able to raise my arms again. Medical appointments like this were like walking into the land of giants. My wife would give me pep talks and counsel me in the Word for days before and after neurologist appointments, I would literally get anxiety attacks and very defensive before one of these type of appointments. After watching a Preacher on TV one night and hearing him talk about healing and the different ways God uses to promote a healing.[ An example being, listening to your wife, she may know something that may save your life or add years to it]. The Spirit urged me to speak with my wife and to apologized to her for ignoring her health advice and to ask her for forgiveness. Her advice was to see a team of neurologists at the University of Washington hospital because they may have new information that could be beneficial. After a time of prayer and fellowship I said to call the UW. The next day Glennis called the UW and set up an appointment to see the MDA/ALS Clinic with there experienced team of neurologists and specialists to assess my condition. One thing for sure that I was going to have to look into was getting a feeding tube as I was losing weight fast. After setting an appointment for the beginning of May, We rejoiced at the recognition that our real enemy was Satan and demonic forces (or giants as we liked to call them), masquerading as fear and empowered by the assumed authoritative words that different neurologists would speak to me. These subtle demonic forces projected fear, depression and hopelessness about my failing health. Literally tempting me to stop trusting God for my future. To believe these whispers and projected words of unbelief, would lead to my death. Once I realized who the real enemy was I was finally ready to see the neurologists and then to separate their words that were helpful for survival from their words that were cloaked in death. It was time to face my fears and slay, through the Spirit, my true enemies which were the demonic giants.