My Parents with Brothers & Sister -June 2005

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 ‘Jeff ‘ (Mary Ellen) and John Brodie with their children:

Boo, Jeff, Tami, Scott and Mike

Letter read at Mom’s Funeral

Posted by scott on Sunday, January 14, 2007

Mom, You have always been to me an example of determination and strength of character. You have been a hero to me, inspiring me with tenacity for life!  

When I was young I wasn’t aware of all the selfless acts you made for our family; supporting and partnering with your husband, having five crazy kids, each accompanied with a sports schedule, caring for us when we were sick or hurt, and managing all the details of your household, In addition to all this; working and coaching full-time! 

You have sown many tears of concern for your children as we have walked through life, guiding us with your loving and expeditious counsel. Now you’re seeing all things clearly, from an eternal perspective. And with boldness you will be able to go to the Lord for our sakes and from this we can draw much assurance and strength for our life’s journey.

I see you in my dreams as a coach with a whistle around your neck, wearing athletic sweats, standing tall and healthy, next to the one you love. Yes, dad is by your side, with a football in his hand. You were both coaching together again. You and dad were smiling at each other, in anticipation of watching your kids. Dad wanted to run a quarterback drill but he couldn’t find me, so he asked you to blow your whistle.  Hearing you blow your whistle, I was reminded of that sound I had heard before. As a Boy, Jeff and I would ride our bikes on the streets of Ladysmith during the long summer days. When it was time to come home, you would get your whistle and stand at the front door blowing it as loud as you could. When we heard that distinct sound, we would race our bikes home. 

Mom, Heaven’s trumpets were blowing Sunday, for you to come home. Jesus was standing at the front door of paradise, holding out His hand. The delight you must have experienced upon hearing the gentle tone of His voice saying, “enter into my rest, good and faithful servant.” For it was time for you to rest from your earthly work and to begin your new life in heaven, without any physical limitations or distress. 

When I consider the dedication of your years, it greatly humbles me. You have deeply impacted me and countless other generations through your guidance & instruction. Mom, you will always be with me, holding me by my right hand, guiding me with your loving counsel, and one day I will meet you in glory. Losing you mother is an unspeakable loss, but somehow, HEAVEN will seem all the more personal because you are there….loving us from the courts of Glory.Your Loving Son, Scott 

My dear sweet mother passed away. January 14th at 7:30 p.m. in Wisconsin. For seven years she valiantly fought the same illness as I have. I am overjoyed that she accepted Christ as her Savior two months prior to her death. Why she had to go at this time I do not know. But she has her complete healing now and is experiencing unimaginable happiness; this thought gives me great peace (Ps. 116:15, 1Cor 2:9). God used a message by Greg Laurie of Calvary Chapel to minister to me, about 1 hour before my mom graduated to heaven. In 1 Kings 17, After Elijah told Ahab there would be a drought in the land, Elijah was told by God to go to the brook Cherith. There he was to drink water from the brook and be fed by ravens for 3 ½ years. God was setting Elijah apart and preparing him for a future ministry. I identified with Elijah in the sense that I feel the reason I’m still here is because God has called me apart from this world to prepare me for a future ministry, and soon I believe, this physical drought shall also be over.

Scott with Mother 1985

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