Answered Prayer


After Church today Glennis had to pick up a few groceries at the local grocery store. I stayed in the car because I had alot of mucus in my lungs that needed to be coughed up. At one point, I looked out the windshield and saw a elderly women pushing a cart, she looked confused and searching for her car. I was still waiting for Glennis to finish shopping, but I thought that I would take this opportunity to pray for the elderly women. As I was praying for the woman, the Spirit impressed to me that she would speak to Glennis and come in our car, and we would find her car in another area. After my prayer, Glennis came out of the store, met up with the lady, and asked me if she could walk with the lady to help find her car. I quickly said,in confidence “ask her to ride in our car and we will drive her to where her car was”. She agreed and we drove right to her car! PTL!! God answers prayer.

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