Faith trip to Phoenix, Arizona


My wife and I were compelled to fly to Phoenix for three days; trusting God by faith to receive the promise of healing given to me almost 10 years ago in Arizona. We were to meet friends there and had some ideas for the weekend but no agenda of what we were going to do apart from walking by faith the direction the Spirit would lead us. Many things happened before we left and while we were there that brought a sense of great purpose to our trip. We were stepping out in active faith taking to go, despite not having traveled on an airplane for over 4 years. We undertook the risk, stress and hard work to take this journey, not knowing how my stamina would hold up. God had something, we hadn’t been able to shake this thought of going to a physical location with expectation to receive by faith whatever God wanted to impress and work in our lives. It sounded crazy, but still having life after these years with this disease I didn’t care anymore about being peculiar, I’m not afraid to dream with God. While we were there we met up with friends and were invited to two church services. I was prayed over for healing, which by faith I continue to receive. After I returned from the trip the devil whispered in my ear the very next morning, “You’re not healed, look at the mirror!” The Holy Spirit challenged me in my spirit saying, “Scott this is your true test, will you believe my Word that says I am actively healing you or believe the god of this world who operates by sight evidence?” Right then, in that moment, I had to again make the choice to either believe God and His people that were filled with faith or to believe what I would see in a mirror. I determined by God’s grace not to believe the lying discouraging spirit but instead to believe God. Proverbs 18:14 the spirit of a man will sustain him in sickness, But who can bear a broken spirit? Every day now, my wife takes off my brace and I walk short distances while she confesses Gods promises of life to me.

“who gives life to the dead and speaks of the nonexistent things that [He has foretold and promised] as if they [already] existedRm 4:17b. 

 arizona2007062.jpgWe know there will be challenges ahead but our God has overcome every one of them through His complete finished work on the Cross. I choose to believe, embrace His promises to me, confess there authority over my situation and act on His leading, so that by faith my healing will be transferred from heaven into existence. God gave me a dream just a few days after we returned. In the dream I was given an object that looked something like a butterfly and I was told to write Mark 2:4 on one of its wings which appeared transparent to me, and Mark 2:4-17 on its other wing. After I woke, these scriptures stayed with me until Glennis could get me up from my recliner bed and over to my computer so I could look them up on my E-sword Bible. To my great delight it was the scripture on the paralytic man’s healing after being lowered through the roof of Peter’s house by his friends so he could be near Jesus. Jesus seeing their faith said, “Thy sins are forgiven thee… take up your bed and walk.” This sick paralytic man could not have gotten to the place of healing unless someone else carried him on his bed there. I am sure that these friends not only carried his bed and raised the roof for him but also were praying and fasting for him to be healed. When Jesus saw their faith, which was an active confidence in God believing He could and would heal, He forgave the man and healed him by commanding the man to rise up from the place of sickness and to take up his sleeping pad and go home. I’m thankful for dear friends who likewise carried my sleeping pad, fasted, washed my feet, and never doubted God, stating that they would raise the roof for me. They stood shoulder to shoulder with me in faith. I’m reminded of how Jesus told the man sick with the palsy to take up his bed and return home a healed man and how similarly I flew home Monday night with Glennis, with my sleeping pad; also a healed man.

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