Relevance in Life


Perhaps you have had a time where God has spoken to you a vision, promise or comfort. We are able to perceive that He is active in our lives, as we acknowledge Him in our ways. Sometimes the Holy Spirit  speaks very loudly in our spirits for our situations but most times it is the still small voice that guides us. I urge you to trust Him in the ways He has spoken to you, it will always be consistent with his Word and His character. …to give you an expectation and a hope…lest you despair and say there is no God.

His Word is living, Jesus was the Word made flesh, He spoke His Word and the world came into existence but He also reveals His Word to us by revelation and applicability. It applies to us; we can live through Him! As His Word abides in you and you abide in Him, you can have a responsive relationship with an active, living God who cares for you. Place your hope in Him.

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