Be My Valentine


Scott finds many ways to show his love and appreciation for me, he wrote the following poem for Valentines Day:


You want more time than a 24 hour day,

Maybe a 36 hour day would be OK.

Can you imagine a time where hours are not kept,

Where bottles are stored of all the tears you have wept.

A place filled with love and void of earthly sorrow,

Where no one knows if its today or tomorrow.

Let’s go there together with our Savior our King,

To a place called Narnia because death no longer has a sting,

We don’t have to wait for our bodies to sleep.

Jesus showed us the way by laying his life down for his sheep,

Thank you my love for showing me the way.

Through your endless self sacrifices and by extending my day,

You have stopped the clock with your love for me

By holding my hand and saying, “we have all eternity!”

Your loving husband,glennis-kissing-scott-april-2005.JPG

Forever Scott

YES!! I’ll be your Valentine, Here’s a BIG Kiss!

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  1. Teresa H Says:

    so precious….

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