Glennis’ Dream


Many people have dreamed of Scott having been healed. Several family members and close friends have also had dreams of Scott’s complete physical restoration. The repeated occurrence of these dreams has been so unusual that even casual acquaintances have dreams that spoke the same message of healing. They all sheepishly mention them thinking their insignificance. Numerous people passively approach Scott, sensing a need to either encourage him or a responsibility to mention their dream encounter to him.

Through Scott’s personal experience with Jesus the Healer and these repeated confirmations, he awaits the promise of a physical healing that God has yet to manifest. Scott has always paid special attention to each individual’s depiction of their dream, in fact he has journeled many of them. Scott himself, has dreams with a transformation of healing occurring, he repeatedly has foreseen himself physically complete with a cooperative body. He has vision to share the hope and comfort found in a relationship with Christ.  Scott’s belief system continues with the assurance of healing while in a dream state of unconsciousness. So pervasive are the thoughts and verifications of physical deliverance that we both abide in expectancy.  

I do not have as active a “night life” as Scott, I seldom recall my dreams. Despite dedication and support to my husband and a compelling desire to share the good news of the Gospel;  it has seemed little strange to me that with all the dream “reports” over the last decade,  I had never visualized a renewal of Scott’s physical condition….until May 26th, 2008, written below: 

“Scott & I were out of town on a trip, in attendance with others we knew. Somehow with the flurry of activities I was not with Scott (highly unusual in public settings). I was in a hotel room with a couple of others, the phone rang; it was Scott looking for me. He asked where I was and where I had been, he told me that he had been healed and I hadn’t been there. I could tell that he was perturbed with me. (Later when I awoke It struck me that I had heard Scott’s voice in my ear. It was the voice from long ago with the force of air and a nuances of his own. I could detect he even had his mid-western inflection.) I gave him my good reasons for not being there and asked where he was. He told me he was in a room at the hotel. The room happened to be adjoining, so I went right over and found him busy packing light clothing into a small suitcase. He had a toothbrush out of the side of his mouth, trying to do two things at once. He was in a hurry and he was stressing the urgency that we had to leave right away. (I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, Scott’s arms were moving hurriedly to fill the suitcase, he was talking with his hands and gesturing that we had to get a move on it.)   

I was astonished, standing before me for the first time in a long time was the stature of the man I had married. I marveled what God’s healing power had done to finally manifest that which we had believed for. I stood there in disbelief, although I had believed in faith for it! God had brought forth something that had no chance of “reality”. Scott magnified God reminding me that Jesus had told him that He would do it. I agreed that had been Scott’s constant testimony. We had both sensed there had been spiritual momentum with an increasing acceleration and hunger to see God through his Word. We had known His deliverance and answer to our prayer was near. 

As we left the room and walked outside, the weather was warm. We were dressed casually and late to attend a meeting of some sort. I didn’t get the impression that Scott was the speaker but did sense the obligation to be on-time, particularly since others were expecting to see the miraculous healing he had received. We walked down a flight of steps and onto a sidewalk. There was an expanse of green grass on our left. Scott took off running to do a cart wheel in the lush grass (This seems more like me as a young girl, I used to love to tumble around on summer days doing handsprings, etc in large grassy areas). I called out to him not to do it because I feared that his shoulders wouldn’t be able to withstand his weight while turning the cartwheel. My cautioning diminished his confidence; he went into a crouched “baby” cartwheel. I immediately knew that I had limited his belief through my voice of doubt.”  

I then awoke and replayed the dream as I lay in bed. I could still hear the sound of Scott’s voice; I treasured remembering his detached but familiar expression.  I thought of how I would regret not being with Scott when God anoints him healing, I was overjoyed how God had answered the prayer for a miracle and I thought of how the words I speak have influence over the actions of others. I desire to voice the possibilities empowering people to do the things God compels them to do. 

I thank God for the meditations he gives us. When our thoughts affirm His love and encourage our trust in Him, I say AMEN! Our faith relies on the substance of things hoped for and things yet unseen. Scott & I position our hearts in agreement believing that this disease (A.L.S.) is not unto death but for the glory of God. We have an expectancy that God’s promise will come to pass. We have a vision for our future with the purpose that Jesus be lifted high for all men to see.

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