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Aug 4th , today we found out our dear friend, Nick Newell died in Flagstaff, AZ. It was a shock to everyone as he was only 23 and had such a zeal for life. We have known Nick most of his life and our families are very close. Our kids have grown up together and shared many fond memories and experiences including Church, Christian elementary school and combined family vacations. Even with the age difference, as Nick grew we became close friends. Nick had multiple health conditions that impacted his daily life and he and I would encourage ourselves in the purposes of God. Nick’s life impacted many other people; especially his last few years working as a counselor in Teen Challenge in Arizona. Nick had a unique way of sharing Christ with anyone willing to listen. He served Jesus with passion and authority while at the same time never giving in to the pain that he suffered his whole life. Below I wanted to write a story of what it may have felt like for Nick after waking up in Paradise. 

Nick had been in severe back pain in the days leading up to his departure, as he slept he drifted into eternity; lovingly received by his Savior, Jesus Christ (Ps 49:15). In a twinkling of an eye, Nick was in heaven’s paradise experiencing untold joy and happiness. Suddenly transformed in a new body, in a new place with new life, Nick was ecstatically joyful; experiencing no pain, no tears, no sorrow, and no sickness. Nothing but incomprehensible peace and infilling love. Standing awestruck, Nick examined his new weightless body, made of a beautiful, glowing, semi transparent material of heavenly light. As Nick lifted up his eyes he saw the loving face of Jesus with his outstretched arms welcoming Nick home. (So precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints Ps 116:15) . Nick then would have buried his face in Jesus’ chest with eternal gratefulness. Tilting his head back to look into Jesus’ eyes, Nick says “Thank you for loving me” Jesus kisses Nick on the head and shares the words we all long to hear, “Well done good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord” (Mt 25:21).    

Nick’s regenerated mind suddenly flooded with a million questions he thought to ask. As fast as he thought of them, Jesus would answer him in lightning quick speed. The heavenly language became mind to mind communication. There was no sin or “carnal mind” present to hinder the instant flow of knowledge by the Holy Spirit. As Jesus spoke, Nick was in awe at the speed of his “heavenly language” which was totally clear within his head. As Jesus and Nick were talking, he discovered that Jesus also placed upon his new mind the very questions which he should ask!  

Jesus presented Nick with his own customized mansion (dwelling place) prepared especially for him surpassing any imagination. Jesus knew the thoughts and intents, desires and dreams that Nick had carried in the secret place of his heart while on the earth. Nick could not fathom the extent of God’s goodness. Nick began to explore his new mansion in paradise with his new body. The thrill of being unrestricted to discover a portion of the majestic kingdom with his glorified body reminded Nick of a jubilant day anticipating opening Christmas presents as a young boy.  With so many new heavenly delights before him to choose from, Nick was off running in a huge valley of celestial beauty without even touching the ground. Although his long legs were in motion, his speed would change with his thoughts. With graceful precision, Nick’s feet moved smoothly through the grass, trees and flowers of paradise with nothing being disturbed. These heavenly gardens of vegetation simply passed through Nick’s legs and feet with no resistance. The experience so fascinated Nick that he curiously stopped to pick some of pleasingly fragrant flowers, and realized he already held them in his hand. In complete wonderment, Nick asked Jesus mind to mind, “Jesus, I do not understand. I just decided to pick some flowers and they were already in my hand.” Jesus responded reminding Nick that he has the mind of Christ having creative ability outside of time, where a thought becomes an act.  Hearing this from Jesus, Nick raised his arms in thanksgiving and adoration for the Lord’s care to show him one of heaven’s many wonders. 

After this breathtaking experience, Nick became keenly aware the heavenly music surrounding him; the music encompassing him was coming from everywhere in all directions. Harmonic and beautiful, unlike any earthly vocal or instrumental sounds he had ever heard before. Nick himself, joined in the chorus with his own totally undistorted, worshipful and edifying rap vocals uniquely contributing his own expression. In the distance, Nick saw a path of pure gold that led to the top of a mountain shining with light. The glory of the light caught his eye and he was compelled to embark on the path he was joined by a group of Angels, they seemed to know and enjoy him. They encouraged Nick to show them his famous “c-walk” (Nick danced the “c-walk” in his size 16 shoes at my daughter, Jessica’s wedding last year). To the amusement of all, Nick glided side to side and back and forth with ease about 2 inches above the golden walkway with his brand new 16 inch sandals. He was smiling and laughing with heavenly pleasure as he thought, “What a place Jesus has prepared for me!”  After this uproarious time of playfulness, Nick saw a golden bridge ahead. The bridge led to a large pearl gate (Rev 21:21) that opened for him into the courtyard of the shining heavenly city called the New Jerusalem.  Once Nick went inside, with full perception, he saw a multitude of saints, the souls that were in heaven. Whether there were millions or billions, Nick had no idea. As far as Nick could see in every direction were people of all nations and generations including his precious grandma, relatives and friends. All were dressed in white robes, a part of the great cloud of witnesses (Heb 12:1). The people were semi-transparent; Nick could see through them. They were behind him, across from him, all around him, they were “floating” on what appeared to be a crystal mirror or sea of glass (Rev 4:6). Each person was holding at least one crown in his or her hand. The saints were giving Nick a thunderous applause for finishing the race he ran on the earth in faith and perseverance, then saying to him, “We were waiting for you!!!”  The cloud of witnesses separated to reveal the appearance of Jesus. As he emerged, He showed himself to Nick on the Cross as if he were in the flesh, still with his nail-pierced hands and feet, with the wound in his side (Jesus, the Lamb freshly slain from the foundation of the world. Rev 5:6, 5:12, 13:8). Nick fell on his face and wept in thanksgiving as he considered the price paid to grant him access to heaven. The King of Kings left His deity in heaven giving His life as a ransom for sin through His death on the Cross. His innocent blood was shed for the guilty as a gift for eternal life.   Nick’s home was in paradise because he received God’s gift to the world; His Son Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. nick-brodies-in-arizona.jpeg

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  1. nikol Says:

    i am so glad that nick turned his life around before passing and had years of joy spreading that joy to others. he and i had talked, a time ago, about his many brushes with death, and when i told him that it sounded to me that god had a pretty important plan for his living, he jumped out of my balcony window and ran home. weeks later, he moved to Arizona, and found the new life god had wiating there for him. i am saddened that i did not get to see him but one time since then, but i have joy in my heart for his final years being filled so much of the love he had been seeking.

  2. Heidi anderson Says:

    Can you Please tell me how Nick died? We were good friends when we were younger and I just recently learned of his death. I’m having trouble finding peace when all this time I’ve been praying for his well being. Thank you.

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