Arizona Visitation


scott-w-cactus-march-1998-compresseed.jpg  While visiting Arizona in March of 1998, Jesus appeared to me in a vision one night. He told me that my healing had already begun and asked me three separate times where I would like to serve Him; hesitantly I said Phoenix, Arizona. This vision greatly encouraged me and I set out immediately in my own strength, to fulfill how I was to share the Gospel in Arizona with a healthy body. The following years I would seek out any alternative & conventional healing that was promising. After all, God had assured me I would be healed and serving Him in Arizona. This interaction I had with my Lord has made a lasting impression on my soul. It has continued to inspire me with a future hope and purpose scott-glennis-mar-1998-compressed.jpgfor my life. Countless times I have been brought back to the love that washed over me. It seemed like no one could believe that God personally visited me and that I could be healed but God has always reassured me that my healing had already begun and to not walk by sight but by faith in Him. Jesus is empathic with each of our needs and identifies with our sorrow and pain. Just as He continues to meet me in the desperate times of my life, He wants to meet you in your hour of need and give you hope in His Word that has keeping power.            

(Both pictures were taking during the same week in Arizona)

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