Weldegaber Family


Thomas, Semhar, Kelati,  Iyda, Azieb with grandaughter, Lily

Thomas, Semhar, Kelati, Iyda, Azieb with grandaughter, Lily

Our hearts are with Kelati Weldegaber who lost his wife, Azieb, to ALS  earlier in August of this year. We met Kelati while we were looking for a mobility vehicle. He and his younger daughter, Semhar, drove their van to our house in late August for us to see. When Scott and I came outside to view the vehicle, we were instantly struck by Kelati’s generous smile and kind disposition. His countenance seemed to radiate a supernatural joy. There was an immediate connection between us that is uncommon to total strangers. Semhar, had a quiet attentiveness that seemed beyond her 22 years. We test drove and learned more about the purchase of their vehicle but we were more taken with our new found friends. We invited them into our house, as we visited for the next few hours we learned more about the journey they had unexpectantly traveled this year.

Kelati and Azieb were originally from Eritrea (North Africa) a tiny country between Sudan and Ethiopia. The couple had just been delivered the diagnosis of ALS earlier this year, only 5-6 months before her passing. During these months, several things were important for her to do. Of these things they had traveled to Spain to see their son, Thomas, play basketball and had gone to Los Angeles to be in their older daughter, Iyda’s wedding. Azieb died days after the joyous wedding celebration.

As we sat in our living room visiting, Scott and I witnessed the comfort of the Holy Spirit and a settled assurance in God that rested on both Kelati and Semhar although they had many unanswered questions. The group of us were faced with the stark difference of the abrupt loss of a very much loved wife, mother, grandmother and friend and the slower progression of Scott’s 13 year sojourn into his ALS diagnosis.  Our common bond of fellowship, however, was not in the destruction and devastation of this disease but rather in the sufficiency of Christ. God had been meeting the needs of each of us and we were trusting Him to continue to do so. There was no awkward comparisons but an agreement of heart knowing that our loving Father has a reason and a divine purpose. One day we will each understand, when all things are revealed and God makes known His eternal plan.

5 Responses to “Weldegaber Family”

  1. Juergen Says:

    “For now we see in a mirror, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know fully even as also I was fully known.” – 1Co 13:12
    “But we all, with unveiled face beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are transformed into the same image from glory to glory, even as from the Lord the Spirit.” – 2Co 3:18

    Thanks for sharing, Scott. God Bless. In Christ, Juergen

  2. yohanna asmu Says:

    Rip azieb tht is a very touching story. So they gave scott the van and he had the same disease or am I missing some thing sorry if I am love azieb kelati iyda semhar and thomas

  3. glennis Says:

    I gather you are very close to the Weldegabers…what a Great Family! We also got to meet Iyda when we made the transaction for the van on a seperate visit. Yes, my husband-Scott, was diagnosed with the same disease in 1997. There has been alot of difficulties but God has strengthened our spirit in His love.
    I pray you are strengthen today with fresh mercies!
    Glennis Brodie

  4. Semhar Kelati Says:

    I’m not sure if I ever got the chance to tell you how thankful we are that you took the time to include our family on your site. Your kind words meant a lot and its wonderful to see my mothers memory shared among others. Meeting your family was a blessing despite the difficult circumstances. I hope to see you again soon.

    Thank you Yohanna, we love you too!

  5. Ashley Says:

    Wow, what a beautiful article. I have known Semhar before and through the process of her mother’s illness (I met her at school), though have lost touch with her through all the commotion. I know God is with her and her family. She is a beautiful young woman who is really goin to be something in this life. Love you Sem!!!