Scott Brodie Living By Faith 2005


In my living room encouraging myself and others in Gods word.


2 Responses to “Scott Brodie Living By Faith 2005”

  1. Jared Crum Says:

    I treasure being able to hear you speak of the scripture. It takes me back to when I was able to play church softball with you, and the night that you shared of your illness with me. Thank you Lord for placing me in the path of Scott and Glennis. Scott you have and always will be an inspiration to me and many others. You epitimze what faith is, and you will truely be rewarded for your works

  2. Jared Crum Says:

    Today is the day you were ressurrected and went home to be with the lord. I listened to this video again, and your words, your voice, your face, is a testament to God living through us. I will love you brother for all time, and am thankful to God for allowing our paths to cross. I will continue to do your works here until I am called. Your wife and legacy will go on with support. Thank you for your grace and time Scott. Love your friend-