Scott’s 40th Birthday Message, Feb 19th 1999


Scott shared the following devotional thoughts at his 40th birthday party; thirteen years ago. This birthday was a cause for great celebration since doctors gave him a projection of only two–five years to live. This was his second year following his diagnosis of ALS in 1997. We rejoiced as if Scott had broken a type of time barrier given to him; the first of many to follow.


Glennis and I were devastated by the news of my ALS diagnosis. The doctor gave us no hope; I couldn’t imagine how I could ever make it through this time. The neurologist tried to dash my hope in God’s promises with an accusation that I was “living in denial”. Did he think I foolishly believed in a God who doesn’t hear, listen or answer His promises or his children’s prayers? I’ve held onto one truth since that day “against hope, Abraham believed in hope” Romans 4:18. When questions came, I just kept holding onto hope. God has encouraged me to never lose my hope; to never lose faith in Him. He promises us “those that wait upon the Lord shall mount up with wings as eagles” (Isaiah 40:31).

A few weeks ago, I fell on my face and I thought “I guess it’s all over” but as discouraged as I felt, I just started clinging onto little promises that God had given me. God spoke to my heart to stand in faith against the accusations of hopelessness. I can believe God does do miracles. I plan to face my trials by holding onto Gods’ promises in faith, little encouraging promises and thoughts of other faithful believers. I kept thinking of people in the Bible that have gone through battles, those that have been valiant in truth; valiant in the Word of God. I determined that I can’t go by what I see, I can’t go by sight, I have to go by God’s Word. I can believe in God’s promises, believe against all hope. Glennis and I keep clinging to God’s promises, greatly inspired by the warriors of faith that have gone on before us, both in written and living epistles.

When the world says the door is shut, we can still believe that there is an open door.  God will keep it open for you and for me. In Revelation 4, regarding the church of Philadelphia, there is mentioned a door that nobody can shut. The Lord personally encouraged me that this door of faith, God has given me, no one can shut. The doctors, the naysayers or the doubters can’t shut it; God’s going to keep it open because it is a door of faith. God’s going to keep it open and show great us great and mighty things.

God will do amazing things when we ask and pray. He will build faith fields in all of us, walls of faith in each person. Recognize answered prayer, write it down and hide it in your heart (Hab 4). By reminding ourselves of God’s goodness and faithfulness we can cooperate to build strong walls of faith in our souls. Build your walls with God’s promises and individual acts that He has done.

As we go forward in the work of God, look to those who have gone before, those who have been courageous; those who, no matter the circumstance, believe and hold onto God’s Word.  As believers and children of God, we can choose to believe all things in Christ, we can go forward in the call of God with valiant hearts of faith.

“Being valiant for the Lord, Valiant in truth, clinging to promises God had given them and they have run with these promises” Hebrews 11:34

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