A Future and A Hope


ARIZONA'10-croppedEarlier this year, while on our trip to Arizona, we observed the 1st Anniversary of my husband’s tracheotomy surgery April 1st, 2009. How awesome to celebrate this milestone under a Big Tent Revival Meeting in the Phoenix area. Our pilgrimage to Arizona seemed to be spiritually symbolic as if adding another stone to a pillar of promise given Scott in 1998. God significantly impressed upon him to reach people in the Phoenix area. Over the years, we both have wrestled with God to understand the full meaning of this discourse during his personal, divine encounter. By faith, Scott received a promise for his future, which has always kept him believing for healing and personal ministry in the face of his terminal diagnosis of Lou Gehrig’s disease (in 1997). Scott’s tenaciously lays hold to the initiation of faith he received from his Savior.

I am reminded of a great patriarch in Scripture, Jacob, who wrestled all night with God for a blessing; and was forever changed by his encounter. It was at that place and time that Jacob’s name was changed to “Israel”. From then on Jacob always walked with a limp; continually keeping him mindful of his experience at the place he named Peniel (literally, ‘Face of God’). Jacob later became the father to the 12 tribes of the nation of Israel.

In our own lives, we can also recognize some struggles in our circumstances might reveal our struggle with God. Instead of wrestling with God, we can receive His blessing and find our Father in the place of intimate relationship. He will impart His grace and equipping when we surrender and trust Him. His Spirit is the One who changes and prepares us to our meet challenges in the face of conflict. Glory to God!

 “So Jacob called the name of the place Peniel: “For I have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved ” Gen 32:30 (NKJV).

2 Responses to “A Future and A Hope”

  1. Nancy Westergaard Says:

    As I read this post, I think about the thousands of people who have read Scott’s posts since joining Facebook earlier this year. He is literally the Lord’s instrument proclaiming God’s love for us all, knocking on the door of hearts all over the world via the internet. It is just so amazing to me to watch this miracle of God named Scott Brodie who continues on in faith, glorifying God with every thought and every breath, praising His holy name in the midst of suffering and affliction, encouraging others who are seeking a personal relationship to satisfy their soul. When the Lord heals Scott and raises his physical body up to stand unaided, everyone who knows him will see the undeniable hand of God. I cannot wait for that day! You and Glennis are continually in our thoughts and prayers – we love you!

    Larry and Nancy W.

  2. Juergen Says:

    Amen. Thanks Glennis for sharing. I appreciate hearing about fighting the good fight of faith. In great circumstances, we must rely on God to carry us through. (of course in the little ones too). What a great milestone, the lessons learned, and faith strengthened. God Bless. In Christ, Juergen.