IMG_0031I have few words but save them for you my beloved! I remember telling you, “I would not be alive if not for you!” without hesitation you said it was God not you. Another time I said I cannot go on but you gave me Gods promise and told me Gods not done with us, we are a team! That has always been you, Giving God glory and never giving up. We are a team, faith and fight! I marvel at how selfless and giving you are. No matter the challenges you face whether it’s our kids, finances, needs of others or health you always find a way to pour yourself out and help someone else! You never seek recognition or honor but continually lay your life down and serve others. How blessed and undeserving I am to be called “your husband”. Not only on this earth but in the ages to come I hope I would be granted the privilege of washing your feet! I LOVE YOU! YOUR LOVING HUSBAND scott. 1/20/2011

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